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My life as I know it...


10/11/09 09:36 pm - Major Life Updates?

So how often do I update this? Apparently close to 3 times a year.

I no longer play tuba.
I am no longer a Nursing major.
I have moved in and out of an apartment within 3 months. [ocd roommate]
And probably a LOT more things I never do.

How did all this happen you ask?

I decided to burn bridges and I burned a LOT of them.

I no longer play tuba because of back problems. Like most medical problems, everyone you go to see gives you a different response. I believe that's how it goes :) somewhere between back spasms and sprained back. I now go to physical therapy because I played tuba for almost 7 years. [ yes it REALLY has been that long since my freshman year of high school, scary, I know] and because of the pain that the tuba has caused me and an onset of sudden stress at the beginning of the year due to an OCD roommate. And now I have hydrocodone, Muscle Relaxers, and a lot of other stuff i found out was off that i didn't know!

I am no longer a Nursing Major. Screw that. I hate math. I hate science. I'm going to teach Elementary School.

The apartment that i moved into at the beginning of the year was perfect. It was on a bus route, and huge, and it was nice. Except the roommate failed to mention that she was OCD/CleanFreak. It sucked. Hardcore. and That was the sudden onset of stress, and I ended up having a doctor tell me I need to move out. So she wrote me a note, and I was able to move :) And I moved in with my friend Stephanie and we have known each other since oh kindergarten. and have extremely close living habits and food habits and that makes life good :)

These past few months have definitely been interesting. I got put on medical leave at work, and have somehow gotten to know some guys that ended up in Iraq. Which I don't mind, they are all really good guys. I met one of them in band last year and he's on his last leg of deployment now - 5 more months. And the other two just deployed middle of september? I don't remember. But I met them through Stephanie - she's dating one of them - and it sucks because i get attached very easily. And I get stressed out over them while they are overseas. I know I am worried about Cesar while he's over there, and I've been talking to him almost every day. Fortunately, he's able to get online and has an international plan on his cellphone.

It's amazing how technology has changed wars. when my grandpa was fighting in WWII my grandparents communicated through letters. Now, I have a friend overseas, and with the technology of today, I can text him football updates, or listen/read his texts while vent after a long mission, or get on skype. It's awesome. One of the very few reasons why technology is awesome.

Buttt I just found out my Bio exam is tomorrow. Not Wednesday like I thought. So I'm going to go study!

2/19/09 10:17 pm - dare to do more than you can do, and do it.

I've been thinking lately... it has a point, don't worry.

When I was in elementary school all I wanted to do was live in Burien so i was close enough to walk to the park and hang out with my friends or walk to my friends houses or to the pool, so i wouldn't have to rely on someone to drive me. Then I got to high school and all i wanted was a drivers license and a car so I could go hang out with my friends that lived in different cities, and drive myself to the aquarium and to work. Oh and never forget being able to have my parking spot in the lot at school. And then I graduated and moved on to bigger and better things: College.

I've learned a lot in my first 2 years there. I started out at Eastern Washington University; which is a better school than people give it credit for. Honestly it is. And I met some pretty awesome people like my friend Abbi. And I found out that they are right about driving thru Montana -- when you see a gas station, fill up, don't take your chances because there is a very good chance it'll be 8pm, pitch black outside, and your cars gas light will flicker on. And all you are doing is praying that you have enough gas to make it to the next gas station. Luckly we made it. Barely. That was the first time I ran out of gas while rolling into a gas station. That weekend in Montana I remember vividly. There are some amazing people in Montana and it is possibly one of the most beautiful places that I have ever had the opportunity to experience. And I would love to go back. The drive back is where i saw how beautiful the moutains are. Big Sky Country. True to the last word.

Shortly after that weekend I found out I was accepted to Washington State University while driving home for Turkey Day. When I transfered I was welcomed into this amazing family. Kappa Kappa Psi and the Cougar Marching Band. Who have taught my so much. I spent a year with them -- up until today when I'm on a semester hiatus and I miss my pullman friends.

Here's the point of this blog. Right here.

Being away from my friends, my EWU friends, my WSU friends, my HS friends, my Aquarium friends; has taught me that home isn't just where you grew up. That as you've grown up, your home expands. It stops being just Normandy Park. It extends to where your friends are. Seattle, Pullman, Cheney, Medical Lake, Anchorage. Everywhere you have friends, you have a little bit of home. Home is more than the house you grew up in. Home becomes the path you lead in life and the lifelong friends you meet along the way.

And that is what i have learned while missing my pullman home.

1/11/09 07:35 pm - hey hey hey!

Netflix now lets me download movies on my mac.

I'm excited.

$5 a month.

unlimited movies.

oh and my new favorite thing someone has said --

Have you ever thought you could do a better job at being president?
- nope. I am a woman and I pms. I'd wake up one morning, Japan would piss me off and then BOOM. I don't think the U.S.
foreign policy covers PMS lol

my friend lauren said that.

1/11/09 11:52 am - Apricot Scrub!

Starting Monday [which happens to be tomorrow] I am officially not in classes for a semester. For the first time ever. I honestly don't really know what to do with myself! Actually, that's a lie. I'm going to wake up at ungodly hour drive to seattle and babysit. And then drive back, and maybe buy my mom lunch because I'm only babysitting half a day. Or find an unsuspecting UWian and go have lunch and catch up with them. Either one. I did that on friday. It was interesting to say the least.

Back to babysitting. I babysit this adorable 3 year old. I know those two dont really go hand and hand, but he's adorable. And he loves godzilla. Like a lot. We watch one godzilla movie a day - the really bad japanese ones that are dubbed? yeah those. And he has like 10 to choose from. And the scary part is he has parts of them memorized! It's so cute/hilarious to watch! But anyway on friday we were drawing and he told me to draw him and godzilla. So i did and right after his mom had come home I'm still working on my finishing touches and he goes," how is me and godzilla doing?" and I told him that i was almost finished and he saw it across the room and came running towards me and hugged me and goes," IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!" And I felt loved. haha of course it was cuter when he said it in his 3 year old speak. But it was definitely a touching moment. Even though my drawing was not artist worthy. Someone loves it.

It makes me really glad that i chose babysitting over safeway. If I were working at safeway, I'd be working max hours, like 45+ a week and getting paid the same sum as i do babysitting. And babysitting is fun. And I'm only doing this until I start working at camp thunderbird. March 1st! I happened to luck into being Girls Senior counselor this year. I'm really excited for it. I made it that far. I'm excited.

i just took a 3 hour hiatus on writing this. And i went to fred meyer and I got St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I have a baby butt face right now. It's incredible. you should try it. My face has never felt better.

And on that note, I'm going to go watch WALL·E or Boondock Saints and read Breaking Dawn. Or watch food network :)

4/27/08 10:09 pm

4 more days left in pullman!

actually not so happy about that but whatever.

4 days one essay 3 finals.

i'm ready.

3/25/08 08:47 pm - GO COUGS!!!

this was definitely on campus today. right inside Todd. Above the drinking fountain.

3/13/08 11:43 pm - Allergy Tests Anybody?

Ok so maybe LJ was lying to me.

Anyway on to the more important aspects of my life.

Like allergies.

And why everytime i go to pullman my tonsels swell up and it becomes hard to talk again and i cough up a storm and then i come to the west side and it all clears up. Except the weird sinus problems i've been having all week.  So i'm getting tested for allergies in 9 hours. With needles.

At my pediatrition. And I'm well into being 19.


And my thyroid tested. Another Needle.  Joy. :)

On a brighter note, i'm trying to become more int ouch with my Irish side. I'm finding it fascinating. I'm over a 1/4 Irish but not quite 1/2 Irish. And i'm going to Seattle Center on Saturday for the Irish Festival thing that's going on. I'm very very Excited for what's going to be happening.

3/13/08 11:34 pm

so james was right... you lose the novelty of snow after a while... but it's still pretty... and i still like it.. the novelty of it just goes poof though...
snow!!!Collapse )

wow so LJ just reminded me of this and apparently it never got posted?

2/5/08 02:54 pm

so james was right... you lose the novelty of snow after a while... but it's still pretty... and i still like it.. the novelty of it just goes poof though...
snow!!!Collapse )

1/22/08 02:36 pm

heath ledger is dead :(

i'm going to go cry now.
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